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2 Day Training

22-23 of September 2018


Regular 1650


3rd Asian-Pacific TMS-Days

The two-day intensive course is designed for health care professionals and researchers who are interested in, or already working with TMS. The course is held by Prof. Frank Padberg, a leading medical TMS professional from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Participants will receive tailored input in small groups, including academic lectures as well as extensive hands-on TMS training. The TMS-Days enable you to perform safe and efficient TMS, the prerequisite for profound therapy and research.

Key aspects:

- certified clinical training and workshop for TMS applications
- multi day TMS course conducted by highly experienced clinical TMS experts
- with focus on therapy applications e.g. Depression, Pain, Stroke
- from biophysical basics to hands-on
- including hotspot localization, motor threshold determination,
  finding the appropriate therapy point
- introduction into navigated TMS (nTMS)
- basics of 3D-Neuronavigation
- theoretical and practical test including certificate

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Hong Kong

Prof. Dr. Frank Padberg

1 or 2 Day Training

on request


on request

Individual Training

Individual TMS and 3D-Neuronavigation Training

For all who seek an in depth TMS training with tailor-made content. This course is designed to provide the training and skills necessary towards using (navigated)TMS in your labs, hospitals or medical practice.

Let us know about your prior experience and your individual training needs.

Possible content:

  • physical basics of TMS and rTMS
  • general experimental approaches with TMS
  • therapeutic indications of TMS
  • cortical and peripheral applications with magnetic stimulation
  • TMS protocols (rTMS, burst-TMS, paired-pulse, single-pulse)
  • coil positioning strategies
  • finding the motor hotspot
  • determining the motor threshold value
  • setup therapy session
  • safety of TMS
  • introduction into 3D-Neuronavigation
  • setup navigated TMS session
  • practical exercises
  • TMS-Quiz


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Germany, Munich

depending on training content

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for the TMS-Academy Course

22-23 of September 2018, Hong Kong
Registration Fee: 1650€
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